Pilgrims Reformed Baptist Church is a new church plant in Valley City, ND

We are Confessional

We believe that a community of Christians must be united by doctrine. We teach the “faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3) as summarized in the Second London Confession of Faith. We believe that this Confession is a faithful summary of Scripture’s teaching.

To read the Confession for yourself, click here.

We are Reformed

The Scriptures teach the sovereignty of God in all things, both in creation and redemption. Therefore, we proclaim God’s sovereignty not only in creating the world, but also in the gracious salvation that He bestows on sinners through Christ.

We also believe that a knowledge of God’s covenant dealings with mankind is fundamental to understanding Scripture. The Bible is not just a random collection of books. It has a unifying principle–the covenant of grace, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ–revealed in Genesis 3:15 and then by farther steps to the patriarchs and prophets, until the full discovery of it was made when Christ ratified the new covenant with his blood (Matthew 26:28).

We are Baptist

We believe that only those who make a credible profession of faith in Christ and desire to be his disciples ought to be baptized. The Scriptures also teach that immersion in water is the only proper way to administer baptism.